K12 Bike Rack recommendations plz

Seems to be some options out there but does any have any preferences/experiences and can point me in the right direction please

everybody I ride with bangs on about Saris racks, especially the bones. Way to pricy for my blood and I'm still on the 15 quid jobby I bought 20 years ago in halfrauds for when I absolutly have to carry the bike outside the car :)(which is always now, thanks to the lack of space in a C+C), so can't add direct personal experience other than helping them load up because "they is so slowwwwww". :)

If your after something in a more "sensible" price range, there is little to go wrong with the likes of autocare or shield. stay within the weight limit, check it once the bikes are on and just before setting of everytime you park up (I've had straps loosened by people in services) and you'll be reet.

word of warning, put everything in the boot before you put the bikes on the back, because you aren't getting in there again till you reach your destination once you've got 2 or 3 bikes on the back. :)