K12 Aux-in Question

Hi, my daughter's K12 2008 25th edition Micra has a standard head unit with a button for 'Aux', but I can't find an aux input anywhere. There's an ipod dock so I'm wondering if this is linked to the aux option on the head unit? She wants to play music from her phone so does anyone know if there's an aux socket that I've missed, or an adaptor available for the built in ipod dock? Thanks in advance.
It should have an aux port usual situated low down below the heater console.
Mine does not have so cannot say exactly but should if present be in that area.
I have aftermarket stereo and this has aux port built in on it.
And IMO from testing this port I did not find the quality to be of much good although the factory fitted one may differ.
Bluetooth is the way to go if you want to upgrade.
I'm sticking with USB as its portable and I have no wires hanging about or phones to distract me while driving.

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Thanks, I was considering an aftermarket unit but daughter is off to uni (hopefully) in 3 months and not taking her car so reluctant to spend anything. I've had another close look below the heater console but can't see an aux input :(
You can add one if not present but they might be hard to find possibly will on eBay though.
You could try removal of the stereo unit and view the rear ports and see what's available and present in the wiring if the aux is empty then you could probably add one.

My audio controls on the steering wheel are not functioning so I can understand how this causes frustration.

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This is the auxiliary socket you should have or need...


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Hi vexorg

I done something similar, have look here: