K12 2003 No crank Fusible link?

Hi, my Micra will refuse to start. I bought it as a non-runner and suspect the previous owner jumpstarted with reverse polarity.

There is an Electrical buzz sound when turning the key to run. I have replaced the starter motor, no luck. However, when shorting the starter motor when bridging the terminals, it fires right up:

I have replaced all the blown fuses and now seen that my fusible link at the positive terminal is blown.

This blown fuse is a 60amp fuse responsible for the ignition relay

I don't know if this would be the cause of a non-crank and a clicking sound as if the relays are working. All the dash lights pop up when trying to start the car, the engine, anti-theft, power steering, ABS, oil light, fuel etc.

Do you think this 60 amp fusible link is the source for my issues? Thanks for reading

Here is a diagram of the fusible link
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