K12 1st/2nd Gear Stiff

(K12 '03 1.0L, 110k miles)
So I'm cruising along, engine warm, need to down shift for a turn, into 4th and 3rd is fine, changing to 2nd is not so nice, not crunching but baulkier, stiffer. Double de-clutching makes no difference. I'm reluctant to spend 60-80 bucks on gearbox oil, is there a connection I can lubricate, maybe under the gear lever, and how it get at it? What about Slick50 gear box additive? With the engine off and cold, all gears feel the same. Thanks for any ideas.
Probably is something to do with this.
Check inside it ignore the red circle.
Concentrate on the main part in the centre look and see if the round ball shape inside is cracked.
If you find it is that's what you are fighting against.
You will need to lift the car drop the mid pipe.
Remove the centre console in the cabin.
Drop the mechanism for the gear selector or shifter.
Open the bottom up carefully hope that it's got the metal plate that pins bend over the plastic to hold in place.
Have handy something to reseal the unit when your done.
You will also need something to fill the cracked joint up like epoxy or some kind of glue a fine sand paper to make it smooth again.
Some grease to re lubricate the mechanisms.
Also it would be a good idea to lubricate the connecting cables to the gear box so everything runs more smoothly.
If you can notice place in the shifter before you proceed to do this I'd say for sure it could be cracked so this will make a difference.
Not sure if I missed anything the hardest part is popping the cables off at the gear box end.
You need torques bit to get the mech to remove and can only be completed with the bottom cover removed.
Good luck with this and let us all know if this does improve you gear changes.

It cost me a few quid for resealing paste and the glue and the torques bits was a few quid.
Mine still feels really tight and does not wander as it used to but I did also replace the mechanism it's self just so I could show this and to get an idea of more than one mech.
You may disagree that it didn't work but at the same sort of milage you should at least consider inspecting inside.

(The same second gear was similar to what you described)

I did also think I'm gonna change the gear box oil at first.

Don't waste time searching for bushes for this unit as they are none existant.

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Thanks for that, all a bit of a palaver, I must say. I was hoping it might be doable via the console in the cabin. While sitting on the comfy seat. But appreciate it, I have a much better idea of what's going on.
It is more complicated than it looks, I can totally agree that it would still be wise to renew the oil at this millage.
See if you can feel or hear anything odd in neutral ever so slightly when the engine not running.
The crack to that round knuckle was right on the bottom in the middle.
If it was smoother it would help the gear change to be better.