K12 160sr Changing alloy wheels

Having utilised the search function, and come up with nothing definative I thought I'd get a new thread going.

I have an 06 plate 160SR - and from what I've read they come with 16x6 wheels that have an offset of 55 and a centre bore of 60.1

I tried on a set of my mate's alloys two days ago, which were 17x7.5 and an offset of 43.
The amount of poke was ridiculous!

Having come to the conclusion that a 7j wheel is the maximum I can get away with, and having measured the amount of poke required to get the wheel to sit exactly level with the front arches (20mm extra poke) - I've managed to come up with what I think is the ideal wheel specs;
17x7j with an offset of et48.

Just wondering if anyone is running something different to this, and could post a pic of the amount of fouling from tyre to arch?

Most of the wheels I've found that come close to the measurements I've come up with, seem to be 17x7j and offset offset of et40 - which seems like it would be ok as it's only out by 8mm - is anyone running wheels of this spec?


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Thanks for that Wouter, Any chance of a picture looking top down above the wing (to show how far if at all the front wheels foul the wheel arch)?

Can anyone confirm whether the lower spec models use the same offset (can't see why they wouldn't as I'm pretty sure the hubs, axles, driveshafts & suspension components are going to be the same??).
I haven`t got a picture of how far these wheels are out of the wheelarch, but my previeus wheels:

these we`re 15x7J et35 and they were about 25mm outside the wheelarches

over here it is legal to got you`re wheel up to 35mm outside you`re wheelarches