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Is there any software readily available that can be used to modify ECU settings on the K12 1.2? Specifically I would like to get the rev limiter changed from the current 6.5K revs to 7K.....Fed up with it cutting in when the engine is still pulling like a train!
Initially I was going to say no but there are things like this.
Wonder if a limit of revs would cause the accelerator to play dead while climbing a steep hill. That's what I felt happen but I doubt it was as high as 6k.
I'm sure this is different than what you are looking for. As last time I looked all that I could manage to find were the 1.5 dci ones.
However it claims this in the description

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any chip tuning for your vehicle at the moment. However, you can significantly sharpen your accelerator’s response with the RaceChip XLR throttle tuning:

With the RaceChip XLR, you can easily tune your car's throttle response to your taste.


I'm unable to see why their isn't one for the ecu as this part is most certainly a computer programmable unit. Most previous and future ones are?

For Volkswagen Audi Etc they have vag com
As far as I remember the software looked to be able to modify gear ratios etc..

As for the Nissan k12 I have not seen anything to match this programme.
I have not used them myself but have viewed the software vag com on a computer.
Possibly if one has not been released someone would be able to create something similar.

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Yes, my findings as well. :( I'm used to Saabs where there is readily available software to re-programme the ecu's and just about any diesel (even Micra's) can either have the ecu re-programmed or can majorly benifit from the adition of a good quality tuning box like the ones supplied by DTUK......;)
And yes your description of what happened when climbing a hill in a lower gear does sound like like the rev limiter kicking in, feels like the brakes have suddenly come on! :mad:
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Have Just made a search again and find this Nissan Consult

Here are a few links could try installing them one by one and see if there are any options to disable a limiter by scrolling through the menus
would be cautious of having that be disabled if it is possible since it may cause unknown damage.:unsure:

The bottom link Delphi may not be original software and could be a copy (Thus may contain spyware or virus).:cautious:
If this is not allowed I can remove the link (ASAP).;)
I am listing it anyway to show the name of the program as this was the first link in my search for Delphi.

Warnings aside it would be okay to preview for what I have explained. *provided you are aware of and are able to deal with. Anything that may be contained in the download that are on that page*:(

Second thoughts to provide such a link may be against the rules so I have removed the link in advance...(y)

Another thing that may be possible unsure of this would be to upgrade the ecu to something that is more mod able?

Nissan Consult (There seems to be info but multiple dead links in these posts)
Nds II Diagnostic Software (This seems to be a simple diagnostic tool and probably does not unlock or disable anything)

Diagnostic Software Delphi & Autocom Cars / Trucks (May be worth looking at to see what options are available)