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k12 1,2 MT 5 door 2005/

I am very lazy and will translate my blog with google translate :)

Let me introduce myself. I Hleb, live for the moment in Odessa. I am a user of micro since September 2005. Waited in the car showroom 2 weeks. Biggest lyapom was the choice of a light interior, from which you want to completely win over black alcantara or the like.
To date, the car was almost 50000 km.
Much trouble there.
Is that went electric button luggage, which was replaced under warranty.
Brake pads live about 20 thousand
Silent front levers gave to run on 47000. In another 20000 will change the front brake discs, I think to put ebts, because relatives are sometimes not enough.
48000 out of all the gas and flowed all the oil from the rear left shock absorber. The rear suspension is now itself taxis on the uneven as she likes (I'm afraid even to imagine what they think in such moments, those who go back.)
There are currently focused on replacing koni sport. (yet to pay back wages certainly die and front)
A and serve with your acquaintance for a hundred. Since at Nissanit full n "№. By the Rules mezhservisny interval 20000. They poured me a semi synthetic, to the end mezhservisnogo inervala oil in the crankcase is left of a liter of being black, as in diesel engines. Since then I have sent them to train №;% and now I synthetics every 7-8 thousand How then survived engine can not imagine.

And simply unrealistic desire to put buckets instead of the standard toilets, which after a couple of hours drive spine waddle in shorts ()

By car, who they often over long distances and have never regretted the choice. With folded seats intermeddle 2 large suitcases and a couple of kulechkami loose. Or put 5 people in the back seat in all variations for stowage in the cabin weight. A Mikroven obtained
put Koni sport
Pleased as an elephant and more.
Immediately spared predrasudkov.
There are currently regulated by the suspension stiffness, but this does not mean that it can be adjusted from minimum to maximum. This is impossible because of the fact that the speed of compressing and uncompressing the spring constant.
At the moment rigidity is configured for native spring. Taburetochnosti as such no, but will
Peck as none, slight swaying of the body. In cornering at speed of 20-30 rolls almost not felt. No diagonal swing.


This week i would like to change timing kit. With all sprocket.
Waiting for all gaskets from UAE.
177000 km on my odometr
Good luck with this, it seems a tricky task.
I hope you are successful ;)
Take you time too, get the right tools.
...and , of course, let us know how you get on.