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K12 1.2 2004 central locking problem or immobiliser?

Hi all,

my wife has a 2004 1.2 petrol micra, up until 2 weeks ago it was working fine but we just came back off holiday yesterday and now it won't unlock or start and key fob symbol on the dash flashes constantly. The only door I can get to open is the passenger door using the hidden lock, even when inside the car the driver door won't open and the unlock button next to the handbrake doesn't do any thing. There's power to the dash , radio and blowers and I've tried towing and jump staring but neither works. I've also tried to reset the central locking using the ignition but that doesn't work.

Like I said it was fine before our holiday. Im totally stumped!

Has anyone had this problem before or have any hints as to what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance