K11c vs K11b suspension

I have both a K11c (second facelift) 3 door 1.4 SE+ and a K11b (first facelift) 3 door 1.0 Celebration. The K11b seems to have firmer suspension, less body roll and sharper "steerability" on fast winding country lanes. You just point it where you want to go and you know you're going to get around the corner. I was behind a Golf GTi the other day in the country lanes and he couldn't shake me. In a 1.0l Micra, lol. He would put distance between us on the straighter parts, but he had to slow a lot more than I did in the bends.

On the other hand, the K11c 1.4 seems a lot more softly sprung. It doesn't drive with the same scalpel-like sharpness around the bends. There's more body roll and it isn't as confidence-inspiring as the K11b. It isn't a night-and-day difference, but it's there.

Is the K11c suspension indeed different from the K11b? Or is it just a difference between these individual cars? The reason I am wondering is because the 1.4 SE+ is an auto and I want to get a manual instead. My K11 will be a larger-engined car, either a 1.3 or 1.4, but if all of the 1.4 cars have softer suspension then I would get a K11b 1.3 instead.