k11 won't start

Alright guys, this car was sitting in a driveway for a year prior to me owning it.

need a bit of advice/help with my k11 , it wouldn't start when I first got it it needed a new battery so I bought a new one and put it in and the car wouldn't start, noticed a small bit of smoke coming from the negative adapter part for the battery an noticed all the wire was burnt away or rotted away . so pulled back the insulation tape around the wire to show clean wire and put all that together , that's when my car first got power, but when I try to start it the engine would just turn over and then it wouldn't fire up , after checking all I can I can't get my head round why it won't start , today when I tried to start the car again the engine turned over for about 2 seconds then stopped and the milage on the dashboard start flickering and the central locking was activating, it used to just turn over constant but won't even do that anymore lol anyone know what's up with it