K11 Windscreen Washers

Hi All,
Quick question, the washers aren't very powerfull on both windscreen washer dispensers could that just be the nozzles or would it be the washers pump, if it's the pump where would be the best place to source one.

Thanks, Tom
Could be as you have said the nozzles could also be the tubing both easy enough to check.
Use a paper clip or a needle to clear the jets/nozzles..
Remove the piping see if its blocked or has limited flow.
Clean the pipes inside if they are limited or blocked.
If that doesn't solve the problem look at the pump.

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probably the nozzles

They're easy enough to clean out, soak in dish soap and water, scrub with a cheap toothbrush, and if you can jet some water in there under a bit of pressure. In my experience the lines don't really get clogged although they might get pinpoint holes or kinks in them, but the nozzles get clogged with all sorts