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K11 Vibe

hello all thort id add up my k11 after following this forum for a while, Im not sure if this k11 was up on here by a previous owner or not but thort id share it with u all,

ive moved this into the blog section as seems more apropriate

P Reg K11 1.0

Janspeed 4-2-1
Straight through and 2 inch cherry bomb back box
Mushroom hks filter
1.6 injectors
100mm cold air feed ( £6 from wickes ) heat resistant
Powder coated and polished rocker cover
Lowered all round (is running abit of a ''saxo stance'' atm)
open mouth grill
heat wrapped manifold
debadged front and rear
stripped out in the back
leather door card
JBL Door speakers
14'' inch jap style wheels
Limiter removed
laguna splitter

I think all i can think of at the minuite but theres a few more to come in the near future.

Interior, Black roof lining, black and maroon dash, bucket seats, bit old but the were £10 off a mate







hoping for 13 16v fitted, rotor gt3s, roll cage, lower at front by may for mod nats 2012