K11 twister / vibe looms


I have a 2002 (51) plate K11 1.0 Vibe that has absolutely no frills. I also have a 2002 (02) plate K11 Twister models with AC / Electric Window / central locking and parking sensors.

The Twister is unfortunately rotten and not running great with 90k miles on the clock. How ever my Vibe has only 40k on the clock runs great and is solid.

I have started today to remove the wiring loom from the twister but it’s going to be a massive job to remove 2 complete looms and refit one. I was wondering if there’s and easier way to wire the windows etc as I’m not really fussed about the central locking but would like the AC also.

I’ve checked inside the vibe next to the doors and unless I’m blind the looms are different haha

has anyone tried a similar conversion and is it worth doing or should I just fit the doors and wire them separately

Also if I swap the entire looms, locks and ignition barrel will I run into any issues with the nats system? I forgot to mention that