K11 turbo oil feed

been trying to find a tee piece to fit where oil pressure switch is to tee off for turbo but cant find one with correct thread.
should be 1/8bspt but ones i have bought so far are all wrong.
No Im using steel Braided flex line for the feed And a rubber one for the return seeing That That one is in a straight line. I dont like hard lines because They can easily bend en kink.
And alot of torque. And Thats really noticable on a light car. You can up the boost But be prepared to kill a piston once in a while.
Rods are strong enough. Forged pistons are expensive And forged rods cost even more. There are a few people That run around 150-160 hp on a stock block But i dont know How much psi theyre running. A Good mapping helps alot. Id suggest Reading Paul his topic. Its a big one But contains alot of info.