K11 turbo oil feed

I'm going to be turbo in my k11 over next month or so. Only I need to know is. Where have people been taking the oil feed from for the turbo. Thank you peter


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unscrew this allen head grub screw next to the exhaust manifold, it's usually seized on so I used a bolt grip extractor on the exposed end


and plumb the oil feed into it

Oh is it that ease. That's good. Thanks guys. Just getting the rest of the bit I need. I've got a astra 1.7 turbocharger for so should be alright.


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it should be a TD025 then ? a nice little turbo imo :) the banjo bolt gives you the option of a 1mm oil restrictor
Sorry to bump an oldie!! But I am balls deep in my K11 CG10DET project at the moment! So nearly there, I have everything ready, Ed will be setting up a full Nistune map in a few weeks once everything is on.

One question and I was wondering if somebody could help.... The gallery plug for the oil feed, what size is the fitting, and where could I get the correct adapter? I have a MAMBA oil feed kit, which goes to 4AN and I already have a little adaptor but I am unsure whether the thread will be different on the gallery plug.

Any help would be appreciated, if someone knows of an easy fix?