K11 tailgate remote release bits

My 1998 1.0 GX has a remote fuel flap release but not the tailgate latch release and I'm fed up with having to use the key !
Does anyone out there have a kit of bits to transform my fuel flap only to fuel flap and tailgate release - I think I'm going to need :

Lever - fuel and tailgate
Cable - goes to fuel flap first, then onto tailgate
Latch release parts - connects to end of cable and bolts onto sill bracket
Tailgate latch - has external 'arm' that connects to latch release bits. Also needs to have electrical switch in assembly for hatch lights.

Thanks in advance



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I have the lever that is on the side of the drivers seat, the one that u push to open the petrol flap and pull to open boot, ill have a look I might have other parts I think but I have the lever for sure... Pm me to remind me to have a look and get you pictures

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