K11 SR20VET possible?

Hi guys, I know, this thread again. So just been reading through nik0lai's build thread of his GTiR SR20DET powered 4WD micra and the concept is exactly what I've been trying to piece together in my head for a long time, it makes sense to use a GTiR power train rather than an evo or whatever. Thing I'm still wondering is what budget are we realistically looking at to achieve this swap? I can dedicate between 5.5 and 8k a year to this project if I put my other car on hold.

So question is how much would it cost to carry out this swap?

Alternatively would it be easier to make a GTiR look like a micra? Saw a guy in the states who took a front end smashed STI and made it look like an eg civic for sleeper status.
Let's have some opinions, and not just people saying it's not worth it, I really want a fast unsuspecting micra I don't want to just "buy a faster car" I've already got a 400bhp BMW but people expect that to be fast.

Anyway, gimme your thoughts guys and I'll decide whether to bite the bullet. Cheers guys
I would go down the sr20det road tbh if you just want ludicrous power. Fusion do upgrades for that engine all the way up to about 600bhp. They also build sr20s up from scratch for about 2.5k that can handle the boost. The best driveability is to turbo the 1.3 or 1.4, but you're going to run into issues of reliability from 200bhp I believe. Polly has a nice setup at around 160bhp and he still has the odd issue.
You haven't said if you're going to do it yourself. or pay someone to do it?

I would be paying someone to do it, my uncle does race car prep so he can do the roll cage and all the interior stuff and I know a really good fabricator, but yeah I won't be doing this myself
Updated the thread title as from researching it doesn't seem like a very viable option, so here's the next idea, I know SR20DE is quite a common swap and I was wondering are the engine mounts etc the same on the SR20VET? Been looking into it and can get an X-Trail GT imported for around about £2k with the engine then just need a FWD box and fabrication to get it in? Anyone know if this should work? Logic says yes but I'm no expert in this field, cheers guys