K11 SR with full leather interior 1yr MOT, Nissan overfenders, K&N Panel, Remote Lock


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Hi guys, sure a couple of you know but unfortunately I'm selling my SR :( can't really afford to keep it anymore and it doesn't get used, the bodywork is in fantastic condition as I've always stayed on top of it and it's just had a full MOT costing me £350. It's had the door sills replaced (a common problem), The cross member has also been replaced as well as a few other bits and bats and I put a brand new battery in it about 3 weeks ago (receipt included) so it should provide you with trouble free motoring for at least 3yrs now!

As you can see from the pics, it's been lightly and tastefully modded, full leather interior, with front seats from a primera, The door cards and rear seats were done by myself. The old front seats are also still sat in my garage if you want them as well :p

It has a K&N panel filter and originally nissan over-fenders which are subtle but effective, I've also removed any black plastic remaining such as the door handles and washers jets which now match the bodywork.

The car itself is a 1997 P reg (with my private number plate which will be removed before sale) it's a 1.3 obviously with alloys, remote locking, alarm etc. I'll need to update this later as I'm not with the car at the moment as I've gone back to uni but I think it has about 92,000 on the clock but it should be good for at least another 30,000. It also had the water pump replaced not too long ago and has not been run for more than 2000 miles in the last 2yrs.

The cars based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Not much more to say really other than I'm looking for offers around £900 as I've just spent £350 on it for the MOT and its got at least one years trouble free motoring, probably much much more.

If there's not much interest then I will sell it locally or on eBay in a few weeks but thought it was too good for that just yet :)

so offers around £900 please :) matt


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Engine still sounds perfect, starts up first time every time, there is never normally a problem with micra engines, its usually the bodywork that lets them down and thats all in order, matt


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Still for sale?

im pretty interested.
any chance of some exterior pics?
obviously when your home and get a bit free time



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I will be at home with the car on Saturday, what pictures would people like? Also in possession of a tax disc for 6 months which I may or may not send in for a refund tomorrow, matt