K11 running poorly....any advice very much appreciated

Hi, everyone!

My K11 16v 998cc 1999 MY Micra (50k miles) has an ongoing issue, which is starting to be a real pain..

Symptoms: starts on the button, runs, but develops lumpy running....when driving, acceleration can feel as though the timing is wrong, almost as if something is holding the car back...occasionally, when it "recovers" it is smoothe and pulls as it should..on idle also occasionally lumpy, as if running on 3 cylinders..revving the engine can sound "woolly", rather than a nice clean "crack" to the engine note.

It is particularly noticable when pulling away from a roundabout in 3rd gear, where it should slowly pick up speed, but seems to just hold back.

Already done:
new lambda sensor, new complete distributor with cap, new plugs, new leads, new throttle body with all associated parts..timing checked.....

Running out of ideas... :-(

Any further info and advice greatly appreciated..Thank you.
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you need to run live data rather than throw parts at it really, with a £20 obd1 lead