K11 rear light cluster.

Hi. New to the forum here. Can anyone tell me the difference between the rear light cluster 265551F515 and that with the number 265551F505 please.
I need to replace the N/S rear light set on my 2002 Micra 1.0 and I'm going round in circles 'cos one seller has told me that only the F505 will fit my vehicle, even though their compatible car list includes mine in their F515 listing.
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265551F515 is left rear light for UK - the bottom part is white for reverse.
265551F505 is left rear light for continental Europe (RHD) - the bottom part is red for a fog light. Actually it's white with additional red cap for the bulb (similar to indicator). I believe the red cap is removable, but I'm not 100% positive.


Thank you for confirming F515 is the one I need. I'd actually started to follow this through on the brilliant listing supplied for Nissan parts on another thread but got waylaid ... as you do ... by engine descriptions.