k11 rear brake conversion from drums to disc

I need help and advice please.
I own a Micra K11 ABS 1.0L from 2000/07 with drum brakes on rear. After the rear axle was found very rusty - I had to replace it.
The available one found was from a Micra 1996 ABS with disc brake on rear (ABS sensors were on the "new" axle, no calipers and no discs on it)
After some days of work the "new" axle was mounted (rear calipers, discs and pads are new). Rear hydraulic and hand brakes are now fine.
The problem is that I have the ABS light on all the time and the error stored (according to this - https://codes.rennacs.com/plugins/NissanABS/NISSAN-ABS-15-Primera.php) is 36 (This Relates to Left rear wheel speed sensor circuit fault (shorted)).
The teeth on the 1996 Micra seems to be the same as on 2000 drum brakes model - 42.
The rear ABS sensors seems to be fine on new axle - 1.4 kohms each.
Any idea what i have done wrong and from where I should start investigating?
(Fuses and relays were checked - all good, ABS was working fine in the past with no errors)

Many thanks,
I also did the drum to disc swap.
worked out just fine, stops great and abs has no issues. Bit sometimes I feel like it overbrakes a little on the rear.
but not shure on that, never tested it out for real.
but in snow and rain it likes to look up all 4 wheels now

check your wireing!
maybe the plug is bad or your wires on the car side broke.

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