K11 (N reg) for sale: repair or spares

I have decided to replace my N reg K11 - in fact I've just bought a slightly later K11 - and so it's for sale.
I was told by the garage when it passed its previous MOT that it would not pass the next one without significant welding - I am not a welder and so decided that the cost of repairing would be too much, bearing in mind the age of the car, and as I live in the country (not exactly the middle of nowhere but...) I simply cannot be without a car for any length of time. I am currently using the car, its MOT expires at the start of November and I was intending to keep it on the road until the end of June - hoping to sell it by then.
I really cannot say whether it is repairable, I don't have that sort of experience, but there certainly are no holes in the chassis etc. and in other regards, certainly the engine, the car is excellent and the emissions figures from the MOT always good.
But the story is this: I bought the car in 2010 from a man who had bought it from the people who had bought it as an insurance write-off; I got the new documents, insurance and MOT without any problems. I'm not too sure exactly what happened, perhaps a not very high-speed multi car collision because the damage is restricted to the front (crossmember somewhat bent and then straightened) and drivers side (wing replaced, door and panel to rear of door damaged although not too much) but some impact damaged the sill between the rear wheel and end of drivers door needing a plate welding over the lower sill and it is here where the corrosion is now the problem. They must have also replaced the bumper, grille and probably the bonnet (it's certainly rather more faded than the rest of the car) but the remainder must be the original and all looks in quite good conditions for its age (a few bumps and scrapes only).
I've driven it for 5 years with no real problems and have all my MOTs, bills etc but none previously.
The odometer does work but the the first digit is only half wound-on and it may be 61000 but I do doubt that, however I can say that I've been doing not more that 5k per year; I've changed oil and filter, air filter, checked plugs etc regularly (it is due for oil change now) and changed the gear box oil a couple of years ago (level was fine a few months ago). New rear brake cylinders (unnecessary in fact - garage told me they had seized but when I took it all apart to put in the new ones I found that it was only the auto-adjusters that weren't working but I put in the new cylinders anyway). Driver's side caliper seized resulting in damaged disc, replaced the caliper (second hand from breakers) and new medium price discs. Soon after I bought it I discovered the wrong way that it hadn't been filled with antifreeze and so cooked the distributor one cold morning, replaced from breakers and also needed a new battery a few months later.
The only known problems are intermittent water pump not working - but I must tighten the belt; an irritating leak in heavy rain that leaves water on the tailgate, by the lock - I've tried a few things without success and an intermittent shaky speedometer - so the cable may be wearing internally. No spare wheel and only one proper key.
It drives well, stops in a straight line (I did check the geometry and it is square despite the accident), doesn't use oil. Sunroof, manual and does not leak. Not power steering. Decent front tyres, new in 2014, probably need one on rear soon.
It seems far too good to break for spares and I don't really have the time nor anywhere to do the work - I have no garage here - and as I've said it may well be repairable.
I will post photos in a day or so.

Any more information or questions please ask.
I am in west Wales not too far from Llanybydder.
Ideally someone could buy it and then drive it away on the 1st. July with no wasted part-months tax - or perhaps I'm being a little too mean.

So how about £250 ?

It's got an MOT until November, so testdriveable now...
As promised here are some photos:
from the good side to the not so good side
car6-0936.JPG car4-0934.JPG car5-0935.JPG car1-0931.JPG
there is fibreglass over the plastic boot thing (which hold the number plate lights) both mountings had broken and without a lot of work that seemed the best solution and also I hoped that it would fix the odd water leak I mentioned, it didn't and the Gaffer tape around the read wiper grommet hasn't had much effect neither.

the damaged side and the sill (sorry I didn't notice how much the grass got in the way)
car2-0932.JPG car3-0933.JPG
You can see that the door panel is more damaged by the hinge than at the handle end but the damage is again deeper behind the door, and of course the door has dropped a bit but it's easy enough to close.

I did discover that there is also some rust in a couple of places on the sill on the near side as well and a minor patch on the door and roof, both only a couple of sq. cms at most and easily dealt with.

the engine and the crossmember


Which reminds me of two other things: the cover to the relay box (between the battery and engine) mysteriously disappeared around a visit to the garage, I did try to get a replacement but never managed to find one (actually one was supposed to have been sent but never arrived...) so it's now covered by a heavy gauge plastic bag and it has suffered what I gather is a common occurrence: blown fuse and damage fuse box cover on the near side headlight circuit - fixed by garage.

I did wash the car and to my surprise also polished it (not a very common occurrence) but even more to my surprise the bonnet did clean up rather a lot - so some T-Cut would probably bring back the red properly. That also explains the white streaks in some places - the polish highlights the scratches.

If you want any more information please let me know,
Don't worry about it...it was a rather long post so I can understand giving up before the end. But, bearing in mind it is a car with a few bumps and scrapes I felt that it was better to be honest and point them out and bearing in mind where I am it's not fair to get people out here and then they find out the problems only when they're here. At least I can feel that if someone is interested then they already know what they're getting.
Yes I hope it sells too, I'm fairly sure that a decent welder would sort out the body and as I've said the engine really does run well...
Right well, after that astonishing response how about a price reduction to £185 - or offers...

It's still on the road, and I may keep it legally so until the end of July.