K11 - Miss it

Purchased my old Micra late April 2011, for the sum of 200 half an hour away from me.

At the termination of my ownership, the 28th of November 2012, it looked like this.

I am sure a lot of you know what it looked like. but just incase :)

I sold the car for £450 w/o the dash pod, everything else I did was still on the car. I got fed up of spending so much money on bits that ended up just sitting in the garage, and the bits that I really wanted, like BC coilovers were simply too expensive for what I earn :-(

I now own this, it was a dream of mine since 2009 when I first got to know the owner and the car - I got it on the 16th December 2012 at 10pm. In a far worse condition than it was when Graham (the person who built the car from standard) had it. It had two owners since him, both only serviced it... hardly ever washed or treated with care... to my surprise none of the alloys have no kerbing whatsoever though.

I've been a Primera since I was really really young. I grew up with a red P10 SLX saloon, and that car taught me a lot. So it was inevitable that I was going to end up with a Primera, at some stage.

It is so nice having 180+bhp on tap, from an engine that sounds as un-beatable as an SR20 does, from a car that looks as good as it does also. Also considering what's been done, it's miles better on fuel than the micra. I've got just over 400 miles from a tank (Micra was £54 to fill up, this is £67) where as from the Micra I managed 250-300.


I feel so lost without Mike. I absolutley loved researching bits for Micras, so much more potential that a Primera in terms of parts. I was also so very proud of how clean I actually got the car - considering the state of the paintwork when I first got it. I miss the bubbly interior, the un-huggable yet un-beatable comfort of those basic seats, and how, to hoover it it was a case of a size 10 and a 14 ratchet piece and I had full access to every nook and cranny of the floor carpet in a matter of minutes

The only power/ running gear modification I did was a mandrel bent exhaust system from the second cat. Everything else was standard. I focused more on the interior and apart from electric windows, a sun-roof and the actual seats I recon I got the interior pretty darn kushty.

I don't regret the sell. At the time it did feel right, having a car that people take an interest in at meets rather than slate me for is also a big bonus for me, as the rep I had with the Micra did bring me down because I loved it so much and nobody else did.

I absolutley thrashed the #### out of it most journeys too LOL. only to the speed limit, as I felt anything over 70 was just pointless as if I slowed down it would take a while to get back up there. but all the little car did was make a small weird noise at the end of the journey and it would be fine next time it started up. I also miss how good the shell was, I only needed to weld a 50p size hole in the drivers side rear arch and that was because I wanted to make sure there was no welding needed before I had the side spats fitted, so I absolutley mullered the inner sills trying to find a hole haha.

With the Primera so far I've had to replace the thermostat, radiator, radio, etc. The car has just been dropped off to get a new radiator support panel fitted, and the rust around the spoiler legs on the bootlid sorted, this is only after 2 months of ownership too. It needs so many small bits doing to it it takes the funking piss :( Its the price I've had to pay getting a "proper" big man grown up car

There will come a point where I'll be able to afford a second car, and do bits to it, and when that day comes it will be another white or bronze 3dr k11, and I will finish the project this time, with a 16ve under the bonnet with the full nismo shenaniganz on the exterior, with a completley finished interior. Also with proper suspension set up and brakes system but I'm looking at at least 5k for the amount of sh1t I wanna do :)

Just after I sold it, the last of the JDM bits I got for it arrived. Most of the bits I collected for it have now gone and it hurts a little inside because everything I bought helped or benefited another part out. I only have the centre arm rest and the nismo steering wheel left now :(

so yeaman people move on but k11s are just one of those cars you get really attached to :)
If it's only that you want Karl, please let me know. I originally wanted a bronze one - but this one was down the road to me so it was a bit silly to get anything else.