k11 micra spark plug hex missing

Hi All,
So I went to change the spark plugs on my k11 micra for the first time. The first 3 went well but when i came to the last spark plug the hex was missing from the plug.

Not sure what to do now and I preferably don't want to pay for a mechanic to fix it. Anyone en ountered this before or have any suggestions to remove the rest of the plug?

Must have been left like that from the previous owner so the spark plug isn't causing any issues when operating.
I was thinking of buying some spark plug pliers (attached) to get a better grip on it?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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Looks like somebody has snapped the top off the spark plug. Get a set of easi-outs, get the engine hot, plenty of plus gas (got to be penetrating oil, not wd40!) should come out a treat. I had a jeep with 2 snapped off plugs, a result of somebody trying to force them out of a cold engine.
No, that set is for stud extraction when there is something left above the surface. you need a male set.
Sorry to be a pain, ive been looking on google for a male set and I can't find anything, could you show an example, like a link or a picture. Thanks for the help anyways
eBay item 284422597317 is a cheap and cheerful solution, there are probably 500 + similar sets. What you buy should be determined your budget against whether you will ever use the kit again. For a one off use cheap and cheerful will solve your problem, if you want to build your toolkit then I consider eBay 231384613512 to be the best I've used.
From your pics it looks like the insulator and central electrode of the spark plug are still in place. Those are going to be forced into the cylinder in order to use the stud extractor so you're going to have to develop a strategy to remove the debris. Bluetac springs to mind :unsure:, if you can buy or borrow a borescope you can satisfy yourself as to whether you got the big bits.