k11 micra cj13de how to supercharge (amr 500)

so this thread will be a full write up on how to custom fabricate mounts all parts needed and what you need to do to make your very own supercharged k11 micra (blow through charger), we will be using an amr 500 supercharger you can source one of these through ebay, a (4pk950 to suit oem drive on charger at 3psi) drive belt that will sit centred on the pulleys or you can upgrade the superchargers pulley to 6 rib, the pulley size can be what ever boost your going to run e,g the smaller the pulley the more boost the charger makes, make sure to check the condition of the charger and the oil in it, you can find basic maintinence write ups on chargers everywere so I wont cover that here,

list of parts/tools

-amr 500 centrifugal supercharger
-piping 3/4 inch inner diameter, flat plate steel about 4mm thick
-tools basic socket set
-stick welder
-angle grinder with discs
-drill and drill bits
-a collection of piping, including a intercooler if your going down this track
-blow off valve, I used a (go fast bits) brand doesn't matter to mutch aslong as you have one this is a must for the blow through charger system
-a/c with top alternator engine block mount and bracket
-a/c idler pulley
-boost gauge to monitor vacume and boost pressure
-wideband gauge for monitoring your a/f ratios quick example of what your looking for on the guage

6.0 afr - rich burn limit (engine fully warm)
9.0 afr - black smoke / low power
11.5 afr - best rich torque at wide open throttle
12.2 afr - safe best power at wide open throttle
13.3 afr - lean best torque
14.6 afr - stoichiometric afr (stoich)
15.5 afr - lean cruise
16.5 afr - usual best economy
18.0 afr - carbureted lean burn limit
22.0+ afr - eec / efi lean burn limit

having the correct afr is so important, its best to take your car to the dyno get and aftermarket ecu or use a piggyback e.g nistune, greddy emanage from nengun

you might get away with 3psi without touching anything but whats the point? you will make little more power run your motor lean, and have the wank factor of your car sounding like it has a ****ed gear box, or power steering pump, while loosing to mostly everything else on the road, in a race, so best to go get it tuned, and make some actual power, my complete build cost me 340$ including the supercharger purchase, (austalian) yours could cost more pending on sourcing of parts.

its time to build it
use your motor that's laying around, you will need to make two bottom mounts for the charger it does become mounted upside down and is in the location of the stock a/c conditioner pump. these two mounts on mine are made out of the adjustment bolts from a micra k11 alternator bracket on the stock standard no a/c no power steering models, you can use other style mounts from other brands of cars aslong as they have one hole going one way and the other going the otherway so you can mount it to the bracket on the a/c pump lower holes, I also used a piece of plate steal that has being drilled out so it has some back and forth adjustment to line the belt up perfectly, for the top mount I used a Nissan s13 power steering pump bracket with the two tabs that attach to the bracket cut off essentialy making a bracket that goes from the alternator mounting bolt to the supercharger to hold it in place, down the line I may make kits specialy ordered to straight up fit the amr 500 chargers but for not your going to have to go on your own and use some ability and common sense it reallys helps to have a big bolt bucket full of random bolts off nissans you have stripped over the years and some parts laying around, refer to my photos for the above context, so now we have the charger mounted, to your spare engine and the belt on and lined up everything should be looking ok, whats next this is were we get the welder and grinder out or your local fab shop as we need to make some piping for the intake and outtake of the charger you may be able to get away with stock outtake pipe if you make different sourt of brackets for the charger but in my case I wanted it to be close as possible to the engine for room purposes, note you will have to cut apart of the front reo away with a grinder for fitment, refer to photos for design I used a piece of pipe straight off the charger for the blow off valve installment. anways now that you have the piping mocked up and welded together by our local fab shop or if you have found away to use the oem piping that comes with the charger you need to make a intake pipe and a hot pipe to the intake via a intercooler or straight to it over the top of the engine like myself, this takes time and maye require a few trips to your local car shop to get the correctly angled pieces and so on, remember the blow off valve needs to be on the hotside of the piping and connected to a manifold vacuum source, along with the boost guage also, now assuming you have roughly made and test fitted everything up to your spare engine or the engine in the car its time to chuck it all together and make it work, make sure the charger is in line with the pulleys and the belt is on straight and tight, make sure all piping is done up properly and is secured correctly to hold boost, refer to my photos if your following my style or figure out your own thing this is how I wanted it at the time, routed, now its all together test start it monitor the belt check that the blow off valve is open constant and realeasing excess air, and not building air like aircompressor to 60psi, and blowing piping off, check your boost guage for vacuum, etc, go for a test drive, and assuming you already installed your wideband you would be monitoring boost and afr, your probably going to seen the car is lean, and your going to need to get it tuned, don't be dodgy and just send it, do it right otherwise you will be buying another car for the engine withen the week and that's just wasting money you could have spent on doing the job properly! anyways this is my full right up for the supercharger conversion any confusion or misunderstanding just ask, happy to help anyone with this build

so to start off with it really helps to have a spare cj13de engine laying around in the garage at home


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Gidday. Glad I found your post. I have a K11 with CGA13DE motor and am trying to supercharge it with an AMR500 that I got out of china. I need help! Like to work through this stuff myself, just a little out of knowledge. Happy to help out with getting me up and running? Attached a pic of my K11.


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I am leaving in France and i have a starcup 1,3 micra its a french name for super s i have power sterlng but no clim i need help to install a amr 500
Hi. Have abandoned the project. Time and money is short. Am selling off the charger and intercooler. Good luck on yours.
Hi. It all cost me 270 Euro. I can send separately and declare a low price if that helps at your end with tax etc.
I will throw in some silicone reducers and clamps to join the IC to the SC and intake - cost to me 40 Euro. I will pay for half the postage as well. Don't think you will get a better deal than that.
Hi. It all cost me 270 Euro. I can send separately and declare a low price if that helps at your end with tax etc.
I will throw in some silicone reducers and clamps to join the IC to the SC and intake - cost to me 40 Euro. I will pay for half the postage as well. Don't think you will get a better deal than that.
Ok i am interresting send me a private message thks