K11 Micra 1.0S main beam dash indication


Just bought a W plate K11. It's a 1.0S. Really pleased with the car.

The question I have is about the headlamp on warning light that I get on the dash board.
When the lights are set to 'main beam' (brightest setting), the blue headlamp symbol on the dash is lit.
When the lights are set to 'dipped', I still get the blue headlamp symbol on the dash.

I would have expected the blue symbol not to be lit when the 'dipped' setting is selected.

The actual headlamps themselves work OK, it's just the dash indication that seems wrong to me.

Are all cars like this or is there something wrong with mine ?

Would look it up in the owners manual, but it is missing from my car.

Thanks in advance.
your lever could be gone happend on my moms mazda 121 evertime she when over bumps the lever was a bit lose and it used to flash the full beams. Yours cold be intermitting when you switch on the lights because its on the same leaver. Try and spray a bit of not flamable oil on the leaver and see what happends.
Hi All,

I am having exactly the same problem as described by nutter69. Prior to that, whenever the dipped light was on, I did see a faint glow in the beam indicator (blue lght). But now however, it is bright blue!!

Did anybody solve this particular issue?
i would suggest pulling it forward if the lever is pushed back thats main beam on continuously.... ive done it a few times
Having done some research, I have located the problem:

The plug at the back of the o/s headlight has partially melted. I tried to salvage what was left of it in order to get it working. It worked again as good as before. (Ideally I should have replaced the melted plug).

I hope this will be useful to anybody with similar problems