K11 LH head light problem - only the dipped beam is not working - all else is ok

Hi Everyone,

First time poster, My GF's K11 is a 96 1.0 shape . The most bullet proof car I have known...until now. The left hand dipped beam is not working, I have checked the headlight fuses in the engine bay, the bulbs and cleaned the contacts on both, all is okay. The side lights and full beam work fine.

I have read through a lot of posts around the internet on similar issues but have not yet found a solution. Has anyone got any ideas?


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you saying you cleaned the contacts? the biggest problem is the contacts which go onto the bulb melting and shorting out which then melts the fuse
Relay Pack

For your earlier model, it could be the relay unit (cigarette sized box under the steering column) that gives problems. It can be taken appart to clean, but cheap to buy on ebay 2nd hand.

I wish there was one on my 98 1.3l where there is not one fitted and my similar problems are still not solved!
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have cleaned the contacts on the fuse and the bulb, I have heard of the melting problems before and I can not see any sign that anything is out of the ordinary regarding their condition. I have found a couple of guys doing PHD's in electronic engineering so the next thing is to hunt down any faults in the circuits.
I know the unit you are talking about, I tried to get it out the other day but it seemed pretty well secured to the car. If I can take it out I will clean up the relays inside and see if that helps, if its proving too much of a problem I will hit ebay as you have suggested and grab a replacement. Thanks for the advice and assistance, it really appreciated.


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Donno if its the same as mine but when I checked the wiring and the fuses everything looked fine, power getting from the stalk to the fuses, no blown fuses, contacts looked fine, couldn't understand it till I looked underneath the fusebox. Underneath the passengers side fuse was insainly corroded, so now they are both wired up to the drivers side fuse, just need to remember to double the ampage on the fuse.