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Hi All

Joint purchase with the wife today

1.0 Ally GTR - a badge that shows this car has been cherished and enjoyed an easy life

100 and something k miles
quarter tank of fuel
aftermarket CD player
stupidly fancy wheel nuts
odd scuff and scratch here and there
useless handbrake
£250 and I picked up a £5 Haynes Manual on the way home

As the thread title suggests, we've bought this as the mrs has fancied trying autotests for a while and I'm happy to encourage her. I've done a couple recently

The first was on Tarmac in my mum's Toyota IQ (while she watched) where I finished 2nd to a mini special with chopped off roof etc by 0.06 seconds

The second on gravel was in my Transit which included a fastest time on one test, although I was then penalised for touching a cone which bumped me down the order

Hopefully giving the micra a debut at a tarmac event next weekend
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Dry Sunday, so set to work on a weight reduction programme. Basically working on the principle of, if it isn't needed, it goes.

Gave it a proper good hoover out and I've just left the dehumidifier in there to banish any water that may have been inside.

Also found some change which made the car even cheaper haha

Between now and next Sunday all I need to do is put the front seats back in and I'll give the windows a clean. Look forward to see how it goes
Just blown £7.33 on new wiper blades all round :eek: I'll post an update when I fit them :rolleyes:

Took it out tonight to do the Tesco shop and see what it's like with all the weight out. Mighty impressed with it and looking forward to Sunday


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Liking the weight loss program.
I left my rear bench in my autotest car due to rules stating that it would bump you into a different class. Which motor club are you with, and will it bump you out of “production” class?
I'm in the Isle of Man and as they are still fairly small events, the regs are pretty liberal in an attempt to just get people out. Several cars at the previous events have had stripped interiors and not placed into the special class with the chopped up, roofless mini.
This will be in Class 1 for fwd up to 1400cc but I think the grass autosolos over here have different classes including a 1.0 class so we'll see how we go.


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Sounds good.
Yes, the special classes are always fairly full of exciting creations on the mainland.
@Skinner_87 is from the Isle of Man I believe. He has a hill climb Micra, and does many events over there, may be worth having a chat with him at some point. :)

Rules are fairly strict on the mainland, depending on which motor club you’re with, and the size of the event.
Yep have seen his car in action a few times. Mine will never get near that level.
I've the RS if I want to go fast and the kart to get my racing thrill and those will take priority over any autotests that clash
Did i read that right that your solos run on Grass?

There is a club running them in a field yes, although vast majority of them have been rained off.
If it wasn't for the gravel and tarmac ones run by the other club always going ahead, I would more than likely not be talking to you guys right now
if you search for manx club motorsport on facebook youll find the group on there which will have info on the 2 clubs autotest/solo events, night rallies,stage rallies etc
Bit of debadging today

As you can see, I care deeply about the paintwork so had to attack this weird badge/sticker with a screwdriver that came off in bits. Few good scratches on the paint now :D

Race team stickers and a couple of old race numbers I had in my toolbox

The tarmac autotest on Sunday has been re-scheduled in order to make way for the grass autosolos as there is no rain forecast so we'll see how we go on the loose
Videos please! :)

If I remember the GoPro, I will bang some up.

For those of you looking forward to my wiperblade update, it's bad news. They still haven't arrived so I have contacted the seller on eBay.

Have also discovered a small pool of water in the car this morning after last nights rain so have some investigating to do although I suspect I already know where it is coming from


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If I remember the GoPro, I will bang some up.

For those of you looking forward to my wiperblade update, it's bad news. They still haven't arrived so I have contacted the seller on eBay.

Have also discovered a small pool of water in the car this morning after last nights rain so have some investigating to do although I suspect I already know where it is coming from
Passenger side?
Probably the top of the bulkhead under the plastic cover but where the wipers sit.
Well what a day. The rain yesterday had left me worried today wouldn't happen. Needing a 2nd attempt to get into the field left me doubtful. Then half of the cars, including ours, getting stuck on the sighting lap after having to slow right down to avoid the spinning BMW, I did wonder why I'd come.

But we had a belter of a day

Got the car home and had to give it a might good hose down. Ideally I'll get it up on axle stands to give the underneath a proper scrub too.

My only concern is the engine sounded a bit tappy on the final run and felt less nippy so I had a very gentle drive home. Checked the oil level and it was much lower than I would like. I've got some oil in the garage somewhere so will get that topped up before moving the car again. I really hope I've not killed it already. If the tapping was more of a loud knocking I'd be a lot more worried.

Videos to follow as YouTube isn't the fastest
So I have had a nosey around the engine bay tonight in the pitch black after topping up the oil.
One of the belts doesn't seem to be running straight and sounds like it is that is where the noise is coming from. I'll have a go at realligning it and see if that cures the noise. If not, I'll assume its the motor knocking and run it until it dies. Might even try one of these so called $10 "miracle cures" I've seen in several youtube videos :D
After having a fiddle about in the engine bay, the rattle/knock has definitely got quieter and less frequent, although I am now more convinced that its an engine knock so we'll see how long it lasts. A fair few people on the facebook group have suggested it may go forever, but in the mean time, I'm on the hunt for a replacement motor. I've today offered someone £50 for a complete scrapped car so we'll wait and see what he comes back with as he wanted £100 but it is nearly christmas :D

Time for exciting photos of my newly fitted wiperblades

Also replaced and relocated the tax disc holder (yep still mandatory over here) to give better vision

Grass Autosolo season is over, but there is a Targa Rally on 30th December and a Tarmac autotest in January so may be out again soon, although if I pick up a donor car in the coming week or 2, I'll have to decide whether to swap the engine so it's a worry free season or leave it til it pops and hope it's not an event the mrs does on her own
I've taken a gamble
Complete scrapped car being delivered on Friday for £60
I've not heard the engine running as the key has stopped reading due to an ecu fault but there has to be £60 of spares on it if the engines a dud
Decided against the Targa, however, the 2018 Calendar is starting to take shape.
Looks like "magic Mike" will see plenty of action next year
It's here

As above, was told that it was an ECU fault, however, literally nothing electrical seems to work, so I may try swapping the battery first. It's declared scrapped so it's getting stripped either way with the motor going in to replace tappy mcknockface and build up a stock of spares for when anything gets damaged.
Interior is pretty tidy so might try and flog that and the CD player to get some money back and then the shell along with anything I didn't manage/bother to remove will go off to the scrap yard. I'll probably get nothing for it with prices as they are atm but I'm not wanting to look like a junkyard
Bit gutted to have missed the Targa yesterday as it looked good fun. Look forward to doing plenty of events next year.
Been getting a fair few tips from the facebook group on how to tackle the upcoming engine swap and it'll just be a case of fitting it in around my other motorsport commitments.
Anyway, wish everyone's projects a good 2018 and I shall hopefully be filling this thread with more photos like these

Made a start today on the engine swap

Didn't make as much progress as I would have liked but I got plenty of helpful tips on the facebook group when I got stuck.

This was just one of many things I found that show just how well looked after this donor car was :D

One of my mums neighbours spotted the car and wandered over and we ended up having a long chat about cars of all sorts including his kitcar and his old micra. He also offered me use of his engine crane which is handy.

Would love to get the engine out tomorrow but weather forecast isn't great and I'm karting next weekend so may be a couple of weeks before I get back to it again
Well and truly lost patience trying to swap the engines over so both cars are up for sale and will hopefully be gone in the coming week. But I'm not done with micras just yet