k11 engine swap

hey guys, got a 1.0l k11 on the drive not doing alot, got a 1.4 tdi polo as the daily now, want to make a nice project out of the micra as i wont get alot for it. this might be completely insane but i was wondering if you think it would be possible to put a vw 2.0l tdi engine into the k11? i know it wouldnt be easy but would it be at all possible? honestly love my micra and really dont want to get rid, i know theyre not ideal project cars but just want a who gives a s**t project tbh.

cheers guys!
Don't know about the physical size of the 2.0 but if you can put a 1.9 pd or 1.8t or even a vr6 in a lupo engine bay I'm sure it will fit into a k11

Diesel torque will be ridiculous

I have thought about something similar as 1.8t are cheap and plentiful I know its not a nissan lump but each to they're own!
Yes it will prolly fit. And yes it will be a lot of work. If you have to ask this kind of stuff on a forum you’re not the one that should do such a swap. I’d advise on swapping in a Ga16de and start with that. That’s a easy swap with only a small bit of welding, and no custom drive shafts needed. And way cheaper
I totally understand it is essentially plug and play for the most part and not to come across negative but how easy are they to come across now in the UK though
Yeah totally get that it will be alot of work, I thought of the tdi engines as they're relatively cheap with decent performance, (especially in a micra) and have plenty of family with expertise in this sort of thing and want to use this project to learn more skills, welding etc...