K11 ECU re-programming


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A re-mapping service for your K11 1.0 or 1.3 K11 CG based Micra.

All parameters of the stock ecu will be optimised for your setup. RPM limiters can be altered if requested, as can injector sizes and airflow meters.

Any tune can be accommodated for.

Prices start at £330, Rolling road mapping and power runs also available.

Please call or email for more information.

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I have one of these and the difference is impressive! Mapped on NME 254deg cams, group A exhaust, GA16 injectors and a good induction system.

Much much better than Dastek, E-Manage, SAFC's, which are all unable to optimise fuelling properly on these engines, no matter what you are told!

A must have even for those on standard cams with just a Janspeed and filter arrangement. Rolling road outputs show the standard ecu's fuelling is not optimised even at this level of modification. You'll also get good benefits from optimised ignition, as the standard map is very conservative.


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Are you likely to ever offer an 'off the shelf' map for those with the usual breathing mods, whereby one could purchase a remapped ECU off you?


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Yes, I have maps to suit most specs. Cars will benefit always from a custom one however.


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bit off topic but can you remap the standard egt ecu?
as im planning on swapping the entire loom into the micra along with the sr20de so can you mod the standard one or will i have to go emanage etc?


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Yes no problem. All ECCS Nissans. Inc Primera, Almera, 200sx, etc....


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I can provide a plug in ecu that will remove the nats. No need to do anything to the wiring on the car AT ALL.

The price of this is £100 + the ECU (which you can supply if you wish)


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hey everyone, here's an update on tuning the 1.3 NATS ecu.

With all the engine mods complete it was time for a remap.

Back in June I contacted Ed at fusion motorsport about remapping the 1.3 nats ecu. He didn’t have any boards available due to high demand so I had to wait till August before he was ready.

I popped down to surrey and began work on the ecu. A nistune type 4 board was soldered to the ecu, uploaded the k11 image map and tried to start it but it didn’t run. The engine light didn’t turn on during ignition except during limp mode so something wasn’t right. We tried all sorts and nothing worked. It was getting late so I had to go back home for work. Ed sent my ecu map to nistune to sort it out and so I’ll have to go back another day.

20th november I made it back down to surrey for the 3rd time to get this nistune board working. Ecu out, ed sorted out the programming and hey presto it finally works after 4 months of work :)

Drove to the dyno, hook it up, Ed programming the ecu while charlie runs the car.

On the stock first run it managed 85hp. The lower graph is power and upper graph is air/fuel ratio.

The wondering power line verified the numerous flatspots I felt through the revs. The stock fuel ratio was also quite lean prob cos its breathing more air from the intake & exhaust mods.

So the CAI, k&n filter, JUN flywheel and janspeed exhaust system gave a 11hp increase with a stock map

After several runs, Ed increased and smoothed out the overall power upto 92hp and torque is improved throughout the revs. The upper revs showed the most increase cos the engine can breath more easily and boy does she love to rev :p
Red is stock map, blue is new map.

Here’s a graph of the power and AFR. The mixture was richened up to improve power & torque


Here’s the nistune board

Connector ribbon soldered to the ecu

Underside of board

Topside of board

With the nistune board screwed on top of the ecu casing, the flat lid can’t be fitted back

So I dremeled the surface down afew mm

Now the board sits further lower

To reinstall the lid

On the way home I did an economy trial and it did 45mpg from travelling 70mph and also heavy congestion on the m1 etc which is the same range as before the JUN flywheel & janspeed catback exhaust

2nd trial was for hard urban driving, full throttle and high revs for short commutes and it did 38mpg, very good

Thanks Ed & Charlie for the stella remap ;)

I’ve ordered a nissan consult cable, datascan and datalog viewer from BliZt to check on the sensors in future. Awaiting delivery.


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Ed, silly question time.

I have franks old car with a nistune ecu supplied by you.
He said it's premapped for 10psi.... But I'm technically minded and would like to know some more specific details about the map, I do remember that there's a huge flat spot about 1500rpm after boost kicks in, even at 5psi.

With the map on this ecu, do you think it is fueling or ignition related regarding the dead zone?

Thank you.