K11 Dashpod 3D model

Hi everyone.

I'm the proud owner of a beaten '92 silver Super S, which is needing a good paintjob. While I get a good source of income that would allow me to afford it, I'm buying other parts to improve handling and make the car mine and unique.

One of the optionals I like the most is the infamous JDM dash pod: rare, expensive and... RHD car only. I live in Spain, so I guess even if I track one down I can't really fit it to my lil Silver Bullet. So, I thought maybe I could 3D scan one and mirror it, so I can go 3D print it or make a mould or whatever option suits best.

So what I wanna ask is if someone is considering selling one or could send it to someone in the UK to create a 3D model. I don't really know who could do it appart from that Gizfab's guy, so any suggestion is welcomed. Of course, I'm willing to pay for the service and would share it just in case someone considers following my route over tracking an original down.

Thanks everyone, love this community.