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K11 Crank No/Intermittent Start

Hi Guys,

Got a bit of a conundrum going on and I’m quite lost. I have a micra (K11 1.0 X-reg) that doesn’t want to start for me as it should. If I’m super persistent then eventually I somehow manage it but of course that’s not quite good enough. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a professional mechanic so please be patient with me as I’m learning hands on.

Car only has 70k miles on the clock. It’s had a new clutch fitted as the old one was worn down to the rivets, and a general service was also done (changing filters, spark plugs, etc.) and I’ve also swapped out all the sensors on the engine (MAF, Crankshaft, Camshaft, etc.) so I’m getting stuck as to what I should do. I’ve also checked the fuel pump and it all seems to be okay. Battery should be fine as I’ve done the steps to recondition it and the alternator charges it once the car is eventually started and running. I can’t see it being the starter as it does crank but doesn’t start. I’ve tried spraying into the air intake after removing the air filter but it doesn’t make any difference as to if it wants to start or not.

Tried following the Haynes Manual for the K11 but it just has be going round in circles.

Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do? Don’t want to scrap the car as it drives fine once started.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!