K11 complete turbo kit


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Been using my Cube for a few months now and it's a great little car and tbh with it being pretty economical and being used everyday I'm thinking of selling the turbo kit I've been putting together and let someone else use it.

I've been looking at other performance cars for a project/build that I can work on with no time constraints and would rather just work on the aesthetics and making it drive better than actually make it faster, this may change though so happy to keep it- meaning I'm not looking at taking offers too far off listing.

The last kit I sold was a HKS turbo kit that was pretty basic- this one basically has everything you need barring a few parts.

Firstly I'll explain what needs attention

200sx T25 - there is some play and I haven't used it so wouldn't want to guarantee that it doesn't need a rebuild, they can be picked up cheap enough and it may be perfectly useable.

Custom fuel rail- this has been adapted to use SR20 injectors- it has been crudely welded- you could either start again and re-weld it or get a dremel and clean it up, it lines up and works as it should.


HKS manifold

2" (pretty sure) decatted downpipe- with thread for wideband- if you're not using a sensor you'll need to get a bolt to block off but it saves you getting one welded further down the line

FMIC kit in good condition, not done many miles and was fitted to a Micra so all pipework is there, silicone hoses although complete might want tidying up depending on the aesthetics you're trying to achieve, hardpipes are all there also. It's a tight fit in some areas and the air filter might need re-routing as previous owner had it too close to the manifold in my opinion.

SR20 injectors

FPR generic ebay one

Sump with oil return

Water and oil lines for turbo with modified original hoses/tpieces/fittings and you won't need to cut up your originals

Greddy emanage blue was fitted to a Micra and I've left original colours on the ends so wiring should be easier, it has no map on it though so will need mapping.

Manual boost controller- the best simple MBC in my opinion, the original turbo smart one, no thrills, no spikes and does the job- you might want to go EBC for ease of adjustment but again that's down to opinion and needs.

Blitz BOV it will need the connector for the hoses as these hoses were adapted to fit a Bailey single piston type bottom hose rather than a flat base fitting, it has also been adapted to be recirculating or you can remove it and have it vented to atmosphere depending on the system, which is handy, they're good quality bovs.

Walbro 255lph Fuel pump- zero miles but has been fitted in tank, comes with housing so ready to fit

May have other bits and bobs that I come across when taking pictures and I'll update if there's anything I've forgot.

£1000 and to buy all these parts separately 2nd hand you'll be paying far more than that.

Cash on collection from Nottingham or I'm happy to send anywhere in the world as long as Paypal and shipping fees are included- it's not too expensive to be fair probably around 80 gbp to rest of EU.


Will take pictures this weekend.

Genuine interest only please.

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Had some interest in parts, if I get interest for all parts then I'll consider splitting but would prefer it to go as one package.

Will give it another week on here then it will be going to ebay.

Try and find a kit cheaper with like for like parts... It's a good deal and you only need a few parts to complete.


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The turbo kit will be on its way to Maarten next week so turbo kit is gone.

Only parts i have left are cusco rear upper brace and jdm seat rail