K11 clocks into a mini


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Got a mini that I've put a supercharged cg13de in.

The mini was basically a shell, no clocks gauges, nothing
so in making my own loom for everything,

I've got a standalone ecu as well

So thought about using a set of super s clocks/gauges, what I need to know is would all the gauges work of my ecu and loom, or would I need the k11 ecu.

I know the speedo is driven by the gearbox, would the Rev counter work with my stuff.
What about the fuel level gauge, and indicator lights

Thank you please

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I would assume so long as you match the voltage ranges the cluster shouldn't care less in most cases as they are mainly on/off signals, fuel gauge its the tank float that'd need to match.

Rev counter, i'd check the wiring diagram. :)