K11 cg10 cr12 hybrid engine

Looking to make a more flexible engine for youse in my auto union munga ,currently running a cg10 with Lucas distributor and 1 3/4 su on a modified 1.6 rover montigo manifold.The flywheel has been reduced in size by around 50 mm with a kubota ring gear Suzuki alto starter fitted .


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They are swappable as people in Japan swap the 4CW CR14DE crankshafts for the 8CW CGA3DE crankshafts.

CR12DE and CR14DE share the same connecting rod length, so you'll need the CR12DE pistons too. Not sure what compression you'll end up with though, as the CG head volume is bigger than the CR head.
Thanks ,looking for flexibility rather than power , The munga is permanently in 4 wheel drive so power hungry ,the cg10 currently fitted works well.Would just like a bit more power when off road .I have some video posted on the munga forum of the cg10 road test.
I'm confused... Why not just use a CG13DE? (either the whole engine or the crank and rods).

I understand keeping the same block particularly if it's been modified to suit the munga but you could reuse your CG10 block and pistons and get a nice increase in compression. I'm not sure where you are Mogmaner, is parts availability a problem? or just something interesting no one has done before?
The reason is that I have a spare cg10 and cr12 engine to youse with on cost involved bar gasket and time,did consider fitting cg10 head to cr12 but not sure of oil feed would work.
Id still say swap a cg13 in for more power. Youre doing alot of work That isnt necesary If you swap in a cg13. You can reuse the cg10 pistons to up the compression to get a bit more power. The cams of the cg13 also give more power. (Can also be fitted to the cg10 head for more power) And the engines itself arent expensive. Its Nice to see Some people experimenting with this stuff But Sometimes there are easier ways.

If you still want to use the cr stuff please make alot of pictures And keep us updated. Im curious about the gains And stuff.


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yes pics or ban on this build mogmaner :) the compression ratio and cam differences will be interesting, and you are right about the oil feed, i tried a CR mls head gasket but used only the fire rings in the end