K11 CG10/CG13 injector help

Hi guys,

I have diagnosed a leaking injector and would like to swap them all at the same go as the one is physically damaged. It seems a bit hard in Finland to find CG10 injectors, would CG13 or GA14 injectors (+ fuel rail) do the work without remapping the ecu?

And if anyone happens to have injectors hanging somewhere for a decent price, I could purchase them - but you'd have to ship them to Finland ;)

The RB25DET has side-feed injectors too and them I would have in my garage but they would not do the work without serious remap...
I already did some research about the sidefeed injectors, GA14 and GA16 has 190cc injectors, whereas the CG injectors are 146cc... Correct me if I'm wrong.

And it's pre-coilpack engine if it matters ;)