K11 cabriolet: Driver's side quarterlight window motor not working

Hi Bobbina,

Did the rear quarter light work when you bought the Cab or has the problem occurred after you operating it on a regular basis?

There are several prone weak points in the wiring loom, when you operate the rear quarter window switch does it make a clicking noise which could indicate a bad or loose plug connection in the switch unit or is there no noise which indicates it could be a pinched or broken wire in the rubber sleeve that is in between the door hinge and chassis. Another explanation could be water ingress into the window motor through the trim opening void which the roof retracts into when down due to worn seals or water ingress when the roof is down.

I will be removing the rear interior trim that conceals the rear window motors next week for inspection but after an initial recce I would guess due to lack of space in the roof retraction void and the roof mechanism and motors and also the smaller size of the quarter light glass the motor could be smaller then the front motors! If the motor is damaged or un-serviceable you should be able to source a new replacement one through a Nissan dealer (6-8 weeks delivery from Japan) or perhaps a clone part on the internet?

If you need anymore help please feel free to PM me.

Andy :D
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