K11 buying. Facelift or Pre-facelift ?

I've been to look at a few now and keep finding damaged,rotten,dodgy motors.

Does anyone have any opinions on whether the facelifted models are less prone to corrosion and more reliable please?

I am ex motor trade and so I can easily do the normal checks required, but from experience with other models of cars, newer isn't always better. Sometimes newer models with their more complicated systems are less reliable, also they can be more or less prone to rusting.

I'm looking for a car for my son, so it does need to cheap,but also solid. In all honesty I prefer the look of the pre facelift models on the outside, but the interiors are pretty dated.

I'm not averse to a bit of work and since I'm car mad anyway, we would be quite happy to fit later interior parts etc.

Thanks in advance, Dean


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i dont think there,s much in it dean (difference wise) , the interior should interchange ok (the dash would be a mission tho :eek:)
Thanks for the replies.

Just been to see a facelift S reg 1.3Si. Rotten everywhere. Front x member almost non existent at both ends, rot in the arches and inner wings, even in the doors. It must have been parked in the sea ! Obviously newer doesn't necessarily mean better

The search continues....


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96 97 98 pre facelift with low mileage IMHO. All the little problems of the first pre facelift are solved, and separate grill looks much better than bonnet with silver grill built in. Parts like headlights, bumpers are easier to get than facelift.
Keep on searching, it worth it!
i own both types- a 93 L reg 1.0LX 5 door,and also a 2001 51 1.0S 3 door,which i use for work.i've had a few PFL cars in the past and not had too much trouble with them.
i see you are in Lancs- i'm selling the '93 car now if its of any interest? i'm in Southport,so can't be all that far from you...
car has an aftermarket alarm that needs removing so it will start,as previous owner lost the keys,and the mot has run out,but the body is in good shape.it has 72k on the clock,colour is metallic grey,and it has a factory sunroof in working order,good tyres all round and a good rip-free interior.i'm after £250 for the car[what it owes me].
drop me a message if its of any interest to you?


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my 1.0 lx k-plate (the first ones) was so solid it kept flying through mots i only had it 2 years bak in 2003 no rust any where apart from the nuts bolts. and ive seen many k plates on the rd it seriously suprises me as i turn my head bewilderd watching a k plate driving by.. amazing
Just bought this. The 7th one I looked at, all the rest were rotten. It's for my son's first car. I've already done an oil and filter change, cleaned up the engine bay a bit, fitted a speedo binnacle with a rev counter that I found on ebay and buffed out the scratches on the body. Having driven a few now, I really can't see why anyone would buy a 106/Ax/corsa etc.