K11 Build

So my 1.3 engine is going in at the weekend , it will be running a 1.0 box and iv ordered an uprated clutch.

the car will only be for track use (trailered to and from track) i was looking at going down the route of putting bike carbs on but for the cost i think ill leave that for now.

once the engine is in ill be ordering a 4-1 manifold and full exhaust system from Gizfab along with there handling package and iv got some 35mm lowering springs to on.

iv been looking at a GA16DE throttle body can anyone confirm this is a direct replacement (bolt on) along with GA16 injectors. once its all in i plan on taking it to tuning developments for an ECU and a map.

out of interest what power does anyone think i can achieve witht he following

1.0l box
4-1 manifold
full stainless no cats
induction kit
GA16 throttle body and injectors
new ecu and custom map