K11 airbag wiring issue

Hello, i have an issue of flashing airbag light and been trying to diagnose and figure it out for way too long now and while replacing the drivers seatbelt pretensioner i ran into this issue.

In image #1 is the wire thats supposed to go from pre tensioner into the airbagsystem id assume, the one with red and white/yellow clip connector .
But the one that i have in car currently pics #2 & #3 doesnt have this kind of connector and it seems to me like someone has done some repairing or smth or is that a genuine connetor used in some models? Anyway i wanted to ask if anyone knows which color is supposed to connect to which one (green and brown wire) -> into black/yellow & purple/yellow. Maybe they have bee put in the wrong way?. Since the airbag code is flashing 1 slow, 3 fast blinks (code 1 3) and what information i could find from internet it means that the airbag circuit is shorted or gets grounded.

So could anyone confirm which wire connects into which one on their car? And if they are correct any ideas where else to look for a solution.

Thanks :c!


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