K11 4 pot brakes

I've been searching through all the K11 brake upgrade threads on here and finding it hard to source any calipers+carriers for the 'normal' brake upgrades people seem to do eg. Pulsar gtir, almera n15, 100nx... I'm guessing they were more readily available 15 years ago when most of those threads seem to have been started..

So I started looking at some other upgrades people used to do - austin princess 4 pot calipers, and I've come up with the following theoretical setup:

- Austin princess 4 pot calipers (for 240mm discs, 22m thickness)
- Custom adaptor bracket (I'm going to make this)
- Corsa C 240mm vented discs, 20mm thickness (4x100 PCD that matches the micra)

Any thoughts about this or other options that are easier to source in 2022?