K11 !.3 3door

Hi guys, I'm new here and looking for another one.
I'll try to be brief, so I got a K11 1litre (inspiration), it came free with my wife 14 years ago and at first I had distain for it (I'm a 205 GTI, Subaru, bikes and Rangie owner) but circumstances made me start to commute in it.
What a revellation! Suspention is utter crap but the power steering and brakes were sublime, the pedal spacing was perfect for heel and toe gearchange blips. Therefore, I learnt to pedal it along at a surprising pace.
Front crossmember and sills rotted out in the end and now it's in the scrapyard in the sky.
My conversion was enough to make me hunt down a 1.3 3door as a rep[lacement (one owmer,FSH,40k,£400!). Just enough more power!
Unfortunatly some d'head has smashed into the side of it and renderd it a right off.
I still drive it but, it looks a mess and it won't last long as it leaks through the split seams. It'll make it until the MOT runs out and then that'l be that!
Point is that I can't find another 1.3 3door K11 for sale.
Can anyone help?

I'm in the UK btw,
Thanks, Greg
I’d love to help you out Greg but sadly I only have a 1 litre. If you’re interested tho give me a shout. It’s only done 72,000 miles and it’s in really good nick. About to get a proper service done on it actually

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I'm near Keniworth, Warwickshire, CV8.
Distance is not such a problem to me tho, I got the 1.3 from Maidenhead. Guy sounded honest so I insured it before I'd seen it, got a lift down, taxed it using his laptop and drove it home!

And thanks, but it's specifically a 3door 1.3 I'm looking for. Sorry.

BTW, you'll love or hate me for saying this-
I stopped servicing the 1.0 at 45k and it was still passing MOT's 10 years later when scrapped at 105k. Factory coolant, brake fluid, bearings, joints, brake shoes everything!
Not recommend I know, just saying?
To be fair I changed 1 battery, 2 sets of front pads, 1 pair discs, 1 cv gaiter and erm.. that's it, in 100k miles!
Wish I'd stopped the rot in time! Good cars !!!
They just go and go and go don’t they. Amazing. I don’t hate you for saying that because that’s what I’ve essentially done to mine. I’ve only had it a couple of years but the lady who had it before took it for a major service at least once a year!

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Mine is a twister with all the mod cons and only done 72000 miles so I’m just enjoying the car and the very nice insurance price I get on it

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Can’t believe you scrapped a Micra at 105k tho. These cars go to 300k easy if you look after them. The gearbox and clutch are so sound and the engine and the starter just work. A little bit of maintenance every 6 months and the car will never die!

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I had a bit of rust underneath from when I got it as it had been kept in a field for a month. And the amount of work it took to get it under control was immense but I had a spare couple of days and I just did it. No regrets. I’ve only had to patch up a hole in the exhaust and clean up the back box.
I doubt it’ll be road legal by 180k but I plan to take it to Mongolia if/when that happens and do a rally in it

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Go for it, they make great little rally cars.

Mine had rear wheelarchs, sills and front crossmember getting seriously rotten. Plus, a significant oil leak from the rear crank seal (10yrs of thrashing I guess?).

40k 1.3 for £400 as a replacement remember. I hate scrapping motors but something had to give. I got to keep a bunch of spares off it too (lights, trim, bits and pieces).

If you have a sunroof, make sure the drain channels are clear. That's wot does the sills!