k11 1.3 lots of mods....


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ok thanks to the lovely peoples at enfield council who decided they dont want to give me a student loan, so im pretty strapped for the monies at the minute so i am offering up what was going to be my k10 1.3 conversion donor car.
if i dont get offered what i idealy would like for the whole thing then i will carry on with breaking for parts and seeing about the engine drop, here she is........




(will get better pics tomorrow when i get home)

This is a 1.3l nissan micra vibe, it states a 998cc engine on the v5 but this is because its not been changed over from when the engine was put in.
road tax till the 31/12/09

the engine runs very very well, even after being stood for over a month the first turn of the key and shes ready to go. pulls very nicely and sounds realy realy loud with the exhuast.


  • universal bucket seats with custom made subframes.
  • full bodykit (front inc laguna style splitter, rear and side skirts)
  • powerflow cat back stainless steel exhaust system with huge backbox (found the reciept for this...£320 iirc!!)
  • jan-speed 4-2-1 manifold
  • clifford G5 alarm system
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • lowered 55mm
  • upgraded rear shocks
  • tinted windows all round
  • K and N Air filter
  • front Strut brase
  • smoothed boot and number plate moved to bumper
  • colour coded mirrors and sprayed handbrake and center section
  • tinted rear lgihts (road legal lights and MOT pass)
  • clear side repeaters
  • open mouth grille

Bad Bits

  • Front bumper side has came away
  • Dent near rear wheel passenger side (side skirt taken off for this so you can get a better view of it. i still have the side skirt which will be sold with the car)
  • there isnt any 6x9 speakers in the car due to them not working but the wiring is all there and already cut out of the parcel shelf ready for a new set.

MOT failure areas

  • Nearside headlamp not in good working order light output reduced
  • offside headlight insecure
  • offside headlight aim too low
  • Nearside steering rack deformed and unserviceable
  • offside rear (outer sill) subframe mounting prescribed area excessivelyt corroded
  • nearside front tyer has ply or cords exposed

bearing in mind the work needed for a new MOT, this car seems like it could be more use a donor of parts, it has many modifications which if broken are worth alot more than the car itself, including the 1.3 which is mated to the original gearbox.

the car will need to be towed/trailored.

located in north london at the minute.

offers please as im still in two minds whether to break it, good enough offer and you will tempt me otherwise.

thanks alot, alex


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oh as peoples have begun this already, you can pm me to suggest your interest in the parts if it comes to breaking the car. will make a note of these and get back to you.
again no idea on prices yet but will do my reasearch and get an idea soon.
thanks, alex


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sorry i didnt make it clear before, if i do end up braking the car i will be using the engine and gearbox for the conversion, means i will use the jan-speed also, and possibly the alarm system depending on how well its been wired in.
the cat back sytem will be up for braking though as i wont need that.
and i wil have prices for parts during the week some time. mainly want to see interest in the car as a whole at the minute though.


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no interest on the car as a whole yet....looks like it will be broken. will reply to all pms soon with prices and info if i dont get an offer.