K11 1.0 Facelift, Coil Pack, Crank No Start, Wiring Diagram


I have a W reg, (2000), 1.0 with the coil pack engine. It wouldn't start, the problem was no 12V at the injectors with the ignition 'ON'. I strongly suspect a broken/shorted wire where the loom passes though the bulkhead.

The wiring diagram in the 'ELECTRICAL-2' pdf (pages 398-403) doesn't match my car, specifically the injector circuit. The diagram shows a W/G from fuse 21 to plug/socket M184/F58 (page 400), this plug/socket connection is found beneath the ECU under the center console. On mine, the other wires to the connectors, B, P/L, G/W and Y/B are all there and in the correct positions, but no W/G.

Does anyone have another version of the wiring diagram that shows a different route for the injector 'live' feed or a Haynes manual they could quickly check? I'm happy to purchase a manual if the wiring diagram is correct for my car.