K10 wont start after parking up?

was noisy (tappet?) had new cam belt few months ago and head gasket etc .running Ok apart from noisy top end. went for a classic car meet ( as you do) and it had difficulty starting..put it down to hot day and ethanol fuel. drove home.. parked in garage and it stalled going in! few day later tried to start to get out for pics ( selling off as new car replacing it) and it refused. cranks over .checked carb choke =ok.trie touch of fresh fuel down carb..no joy. so removed plug and crank over..=No Spark. leads.plugs cap and dizzy arm were all replaced 6 months ago. suspect electrical issues of course so will check coil /power .fuses are all good. battery is Ok shame as guy was going to buy it ( only £375) but now having second thoughts :( ..oh well always scrap value I guess but with 11 months MOT an uno advisories and an almost rust free body seems a shame. any suggestions ?


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Have you checked cam and ignition timing?
Or could just be valve clearances assuming it has tappets( been a long time since I've had a look at a k10)