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K10 Thread 'Nelly' ma12 AUTO

Right guys this is gunna take some writing, so gunna start at the beginning, as this is something I've been meaning to do for a while!

Poor old girl when I bought her. Unfortunately the previous owner in an attempt of 'rust proofing' had used hammerite on the sill, and in this spur of the moment had decided to paint the petrol flap too.

Wind deflectors were the first to go on, nice cheap an easy mod, ditched the rubbish clips these come with and a small bead of silicone holds them in place


Memory isn't one of my strong points but as the photos in my camera roll would suggest, I acquired some 12" mini wheels that weren't to my taste and tinted the headlight yellow.

So then it went back onto standard k10 steels but the yellow tint stayed. A very simple thing to do, heat and patience I would say is very important.

So the hunt for wheels continued, I managed to pick up some corsa b banded steel wheels relatively cheap, if my memory serves me correct they were 13x8, ET Unknown, but they were in pretty pore condition.

They came with tires, I was told 2 were punctured, which was not a big deal, so began rubbing down ready for a coat of paint!

Paint was poor, a lot of runs.

Decided to settle with a cream colour which I thought would go with the beige quite well!

Primer applied

Cream and clear coat topped off!

Test fitted the stuck out a little so arches needed to be rolled.

Was soon found out after countless visits to the pump that there was something not right with one of these wheels!, turns out one was incredibly badly damaged and leaked air from a weld.

Quickly sourced a wheel the same style and got it banded to the same spec as the others and banded wheels Essex, amazing service and brilliant quality. Unfortunately no photos of this fresh band

Arch rolling commenced not long after!

Not the best photos but it's all I've got!

The next item I think personally was quite the find!, although I have no photos of the packaging, (can get some when requested), I found an original mint in box roof rack with Datsun instructions for a k10 on eBay, a bit of a bargain I ended up winning for relitively cheap!

A few bits followed, led number plate bulbs, the afford mentioned petrol flap and a few other bits! And I also forgot to mention the pre facelift grille! And a train horn! A few little bits that changed the car a little!

Also a super s spoiler and jap style plate recess

When I came into possession of this car, I bought it on the understanding the head gasket was either going, or had gone previously, there was gunk in the radiator cap which either meant it hadn't been flushed thoroughly or the gasket had failed. Unfortunately it was the failure. The car never overheated, the only sign was the gunk in the oil cap and a radiator hose exploded which I can only assume it was adverse pressure. I acquired a head gasket kit and the head gasket was changed with the help of a certain Welsh club member, mr Ben Wilde!, this was a task neither of us had attempted before, we both done some research and went hell for leather with a Hanes manual and gasket kit!

While it was off I decided to paint the rocker cover and a new gasket was included in the head kit :)

The head gasket was a success!, although it proved difficult to flush the radiator completely, I also stupidly over filled the radiator and it blew one of the heater matrix hoses, his lead to the heater matrix being bypassed with a silicone u bend.


BSR front coilovers with the top mounts drilled out, and my little Welsh friend had a trick up his sleeve in the form of some D2 starlet EP82 rear coilovers which bolted straight in! The coilover adjusters for the d2's had be cut to free them, as they were siezed, so they needed replacing.



The banded steel wheels proved tricky, countless puntures and problems with them, so they were sold on, I acquired some Revolution RFX wheels, which I think suited the car perfectly!

I was quite happy with how the car was coming along, I got hold of a strut brace, wrapped the distributor leads with pink zebra tape and the brace to match, also got hold of a wooden steering wheel who's origin is unknown, and got some Porsche tombstone seats that match the interior perfectly, I am yet to take pictures of the seats, although they've been in there forever!, but the car made it to japshow 2016!

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Since the show progress is slow, the car up until recently was stored, I'd like to say dry stored but unfortunately it was nowhere near dry with it being the Suffolk coast line!!, the vehicle made another appearance due to some welding needing to be done, not pretty welding but, MOTable welding.

This is what fell out.

That is without what was cut out.

But here, have a funny photo of Tony Rogers.

I have also got myself some second hand minilights, just to see what it looks like wide again!, 13x7 if I'm correct!

The cars currently on axle stands, getting some underbody loving. The old underseal is getting stripped back and some fresh stuffs getting laid down!

The front suspension is waiting to be dropped for lower springs and new top mounts, along with the rear for lower springs, there is new strut braces front and rear on order from fury autoworx, the radiator is being replaced for a shiny half alloy rad when i can find one along with silicone hose pipes, with this being an automatic, there is an ATF cooler built into the radiator, so a seperate ATF cooler has been purchased awaiting fitment, the tailgate is awaiting paint prep, the filler on the jap style plate recess isn't the best as there is slight blistering so it's something I would like to go over. There is also MOT prep. Will try and update this as much as possible, any questions feel free to ask! I've probably missed a load out and this is my first thread!

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Loving the build! also that steering wheel is a factory mk1 mx5 wheel, my mate has one on his mx5 and has never been able to find another so assuming they are fairly rare
Really?, the wooden one?, I got it on a whim off of eBay, the horn isn't original though , it's one I saved from another steering wheel!

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