K10 Super S Interior + Bodykit

Super S 1.5T

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I'm Selling a K10 Super S Bodykit in Black(arches etc) besides the Front and Rear bumpers.
70 Quid for these please



K10 Tuner
sorry pal, dont put up make me an offer if you get offended when one comes in. i thought it was reasonable, as to be quite honest £75 for 4 arches 2 skirts and 1 wing is a bit ott.

ive either sold or seen sold the following

super s wing's some sub £20
the ultra rare lower spoiler £25
some foah skirts (much rarer than super s ones) £20
full super s kit including bumpers for less than £100.
Super S 1.5T

Super S 1.5T

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well pal thats your opinion if its ott or not.

I am willing to accept reasonable offers on the above (PM me your offers instead)

Im very interested in the interior. do you still have all the interior? if not
have you got any of the interior left?
Im after all of it, including the seats.