K10 Super S dials For Sale.... pre ebay


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Dunno what to say about it other than i have never fitted it to my car and the cars now been stolen and written off...

it reads 77800 miles and all the copper tracks in the back are intact, all bulbs work too.....



I payed £35 + postage so thats what i am after

note the small crack near the trip button, a new perspex from a GSX clock set would sort that:grinning:
Hmm Arnold was selling one of these but i said no cus i wanted to buy a separate rev counter, but now u have one that has the exact mileage as my car has then im very tempted but cant pay till 23rd febuary? will that be a problem?

wait a minuter i just realized its for a k10 not a k11!

dude u should state which one its for,lol but my mistake!


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Arnold still has some with 70 odd thousand miles on :)

I still have them, reply to the PM i sent you if your interested. I can wait till the 23rd Feb for payment if that swings it for you

sonic said:
you need to put Micra in the ebay title Stonesie, you'll get more hits.

Put Nissan Micra :)


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is it an easy job to fit. just out with the old and in with the new??? I have a seperate rev counter already fitted so will just take the signal wire from that.


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You may need to do some alterations with the existing wiring, for example, removing some wires from the right hand block and transfering them into the one on the left, and vice versa.