K10 Parts Reconditioned, Modified and Spare

Location Powys (Mid Wales)

Testing the water for interest:
I am willing to split items that have a letter listed with the numbered item......Also items in category 13 will split....Others to be kept as a complete set

Enjoy :)

MA12 Head (Non-EGR) Has had two previous skimms during its lifetime
Complete with:

-Releived and smoothed external ports to match stock gaskets (including EGR restriction on Exhaust port 2)
-Releaved and smoothed internal ports (including around the spark plug ports)
-Port-Matched Inlet manifold (requires PCV)
-New Timing belt
-New Valve Springs
-New Valve Stem oil-seals
-New Camshaft oil-seals
-Valves lapped-in
-All Gasket surfaces hand-stoned
-New head gasket
-New Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
-New Inlet Manifold Gaskets
-New Rocker Cover Gasket
-New Thermostat housing gaskets
-New Thermostat
-New Carburettor face gaskets
-Electronic Ignition Distributor

Thoroughly degreased, rinsed, dried all parts.
*Requires a pair of locking clips for the rocker shaft*

Customised 3-peice Stainless steel exhaust system (very quiet and very free flowing): Manufactured by AAS Exhaust Systems
-Complete with:
-Free-flowing 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold (sequentially paired primaries)
-Bosch Wideband Oxygen / O2 / Lambda sensor fitted in the manifold collector (including remote signal conditioning interface)
-Flexijoint (Scrubbed / Dammaged)
-Center section fitted with a large silencer
-Rear section fitted with medium silencer and plain exhaust tip
-All mounting points match the OEM mounting points
-Formed oil dipstick to match the manifold pipework routing
*Requires a pair of pipe section flange gaskets*

ITEM 3a:
Datsun boot / tailgate ("titless")
Complete with:
-Mercedes Arktic Weiss (147) two-pack gloss
-Upper and lower spoilers (FOHA) fair condition
-Retrofitted rear windscreen wiper and washer and associated wiring (post-facelift nissan electrical connectors)
-matching (smaller) rear light clusters
-high-level brake light
-Modified "double barrel" lifter struts (no more winter scull splitting)
*Requires printed glass heater repair (aproximately 4 lines broken)*

ITEM 3b:
Side Skirts (FOHA) fair condition

ITEM 3c:
Front splitter (FOHA) broken into 4 peices,
*requires major structural repair*

ITEM 3d:
Rear skirt (FOAH) in fair condition

Modified facelift grille
complete with:
-full / main beam suplement light bar & relays, fuse etc

Modified Super-S dials:
Features Retro-style Nitrous Oxide (N2O) system warning Lamp

MA12 Engine block:
-Stripped, cleaned and boxed
-Conrods, wrist-pins and original pistons are still assembled, rings disgarded
-Original Oil pump
-Original belt tentioner / idler pulley
-New oil-filter
-Oil Sump repainted
-New coolant inlet pipe o-ring seal
*Requires 1st oversise rebore* (Approx £100)
*Requires 1st oversize piston & rings set* (approx £200)
*requires new crank shaft bearings: Journals, thrust and big-end*

ITEM 7a:
Clutch and preassure plate (worn to around 70%? in otherwise good condition

ITEM 7b:
spare low-mialage clutch friction-disk and preassure-plate

14" 5.5J steel wheels with 175/50 Tyres

13" 5J original steel wheels with 195/45 Tyres

ITEM 10:
4 speed manual transmission / gearbox

ITEM 11:
Magnacore 8mm (?) RED Ignition lead set

ITEM 12:
K&N Air filter Element cleaned, dried, oiled and fitted to a modified air filter housing

ITEM 13: (See http://forum.nitrous-advice.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2799 for the 5-page project write-up with photographs)
Spare Modified Carburetor plate (to accept Wizards of NOS crossfire nitrous and fuel mixing injector):
Wizards of NOS parts:
-Nitrous controller computer (Max Extreme)
-11lb nitrous bottle (empty) complete with:
=Aluminium billet hand valve
=Safety Pressure Relief Valve
=Electric bottle heater
=Aluminum quick release mounting bracket
-Nitrous-Pulsoid (blue) fitted with 50-shot jet (+25bhp power adder)
-Fuel Pulsoid (red) fitted with jet matched with the above nitrous jet on MA series mechanical fuel pump
-Crossfire Nitrous and fuel mixing injector
-Fuel Take-off Tee
-System Arm/Disarm aircraft switch with red safety cover
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Hi Flutesofchi, I will take a look at how they could be properly packaged and posted and comeback to you with the postage details and an idea on price. Hopefully I'll have a chance this evening and come back to you here.
Hi Flutesofchi, I will take a look at how they could be properly packaged and posted and comeback to you with the postage details and an idea on price. Hopefully I'll have a chance this evening and come back to you here.

Here are a few snaps to show the set, the fitment of the light bar, the light bar with electronics, and an example of the worst type of damage. The light bar has one light with a broken lens from a stone :-( (I forgot about this, but I have a spare in perfect condition of exactly the same type that will be included). The red wire goes to battery positive and the green wire goes to the signal that to chose for the lighting type (I used them to supplement my full beams)
20170310_202718_resized.jpg 20170310_200253_resized.jpg 20170310_202814_resized.jpg 20170310_202952_resized.jpg

I'm going to measure and weigh the parts now so watch this space for postage cost estimate....
Is the foah kits still available?
Hi James, The tailgate spoilers have been sold, but the rest are still available...The sides , plus front and rear pre-facelift bumpers are still mounted.

Did you note that the front splitter requires structural reconstruction?

Let me know your thoughts :)
Best Regards