K10 odd starting ritual.

Hello all!

First post as I've only felt the need to lurk for answers so far and thanks for those but I've got a bit of a weird problem. Well, the car has!

It's a '91 K10 1 litre LS (wow!) and started first time every time when I got it last month.

One of the first things I did was give it a wash and brush up, including a jet wash of the engine.

Now when you get in and try to start it, it just clicks on the key like the battery is flat. (I've had the battery off and charged and checked it, no problems) When you keep trying to start it or keep the key turned, after a few seconds the starter spins and it fires up champion.

Sometimes it just spins and starts immediately.

The starter sounds fine and doesn't seem like it's stuck.

I'm thinking dodgy earth or starter solenoid but tbh once it's running it doesn't conk out at all.

Any suggestions?